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About Us

About Us

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Nawakheth Company was established in the year 2000 by Saudi – Jordanian partner ship and started production in the middle of 2002.
Nawakheth PET specialized in production the PET container.

The technology which is used to produce the PET containers is considered to be the highest in the field. The company began where the others stopped. Nawakheth PET Containers Co is the only company in kingdom specialized in producing PET containers. We are not producing any plastic materials, except PET Jars and bottles. We produce an assortment of shapes sizes and families of containers. The core products range from 28 mm to 120 mm neck diameters with various dimensions and thread forms.
Nawakheth PET technology offers a particularly economical solution in comparison to other manufacturing processes. We are the only PET producers using the oil free air and auto chillers to blow our jars and bottles.
Our range is complemented by an extensive assortment of cures-caps injection – moulded from food grade polypropylene. In addition to the actual shape of the container pigmentation of containers and closures offers multiple variations in appearance and opportunities to create a brand image. The final look of our PET containers is achieved by the decoration.

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